Understanding Your Attachment Style

11 Lessons  |  1 hr 35 min  |  $25 AUD

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Introduction to Gentle Parenting

16 Lessons  |  2 hr 30 min  |  $25 AUD

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Circle of Security Parenting Program

8 Lessons  |  6 hr 45 min  |  $260 AUD

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Repairing Your Relationship After Children Course 2023 Crystal Hardstaff The Gentle Counsellor

At-Home Couples Therapy

Repairing Your Relationship

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Burnout Recovery and Sustainable Care COURSE by Crystal Hardstaff, The Gentle Counsellor 2023

Burnout Recovery

& Sustainable Care

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Gentle Motherhood™

41 Lessons  |  10+ hr  |  $350 AUD


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"You sure know how to change a girl’s life! Over the past week I broke down crying in a big mess just not knowing who I was or what was wrong to now being able to articulate things. I have strength and understand myself more than a week ago. I’m listening to me." - Christine

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