Gentle Parenting Tips for the Holiday Season

Gentle Parenting Tips for the Holiday Season

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the holidays?

Perhaps you’ve had negative experiences in the past with people giving you grief over your parenting choices. Or maybe you grew up in a less than ideal family dynamic and are worried how this will affect you or your child. These are all common and valid concerns. Sometimes the holidays can bring out the worst.


Write a list of the boundaries you already have or need to set.

For example, consent; not forcing your child to kiss or hug family members if they are uncomfortable. You are their only advocate and may need to speak up for them.

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Sneak away

The holidays can be so busy and overwhelming especially when there is a large number of people getting together in a somewhat small and enclosed space for hours. Enjoy taking moments to go away and find a quiet place for a little ‘time out’.

Prioritise your wellbeing

If you already know a situation is going to be detrimental to not only you, but also affect your child... ask yourself if not going is an option.

Stay solid in your parenting

Stay true to your choices and the knowledge you have gained in following Gentle Parenting.

"This is how we are choosing to parent. We will ask if we need advice or help."

Balance theirs and your needs

If your child is tired, sick, doesn’t do well with change, loud noises, social situations, etc., set limits so you still get to enjoy yourself whilst also keeping in mind what your child needs and when. No one wants to spend their holidays with their child constantly being upset over a situation they can’t control or have a say in.

Focus on what matters to you

If you are already feeling overwhelmed and stressed, whose expectations are you trying to meet? The only thing your children want and will remember is spending time with you.


I hope you all have a wonderful, joyful, and safe Holiday Season!

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