You are seeking more support in your projects and business. It's important to you that your work is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and people-centred.

Helping others is a primary reason for the work you do. You want to be authentic with people and provide a safe place for them to be open and true to themselves. Your current or dream role may be in a mental health or helping profession.

You want to feel more flow in the way you provide help and honour yourself by tending to your own needs too. Sometimes it can feel like there are rules and structures that may not necessarily be working for you as it does for others.


As your Mentor, my goal is to provide guidance, information, support, and strategies. My hope for you is that you are feeling more purposeful, supported and aligned. If you're here then you're likely already familiar with me and my work, however if you have any further questions please email me . Please note that this Professional Mentoring service is not clinical supervision.

I can't wait to hear more about what it is that you do or are wanting to pursue.

We all need support. Especially when in the profession of holding others, we need to be held too.

crystal hardstaff the gentle counsellor

You can book your mentoring session with me below through this online booking system. Please note in step 2 you can change the time zone in the top right corner. Professional Mentoring is $200 AUD for 50 minutes held online via Halaxy Telehealth and payment is required at the time of booking.