crystal hardstaff the gentle counsellor

Hey there, I'm Crystal – welcome to The Gentle Counsellor!

I'm not just a counsellor; I'm also a passionate mum and someone who's navigated the rollercoaster ride of motherhood. Holding my newborn for the first time was a life-altering experience, a rush of oxytocin and wonder. But soon enough, the exhaustion and challenges hit, and I realised how little support there was for the everyday struggles that come with parenting.

I know firsthand that the transition to parenthood can be overwhelming. It's a journey that changes us in ways we never expected. I've been there, juggling sleepless nights, self-doubt, and the constant balancing act of self-care and nurturing our little ones. And for those of you like me who are partnered, how this change impacted our relationship.

I'm not just a therapist by profession; I'm also on a mission to make the journey smoother for all parents. With a background in Child Development, Education, and Psychology, I specialise in Perinatal Mental Health, Trauma, Attachment Styles, and Parenting Support. I'm a registered counsellor in Australia, providing online individual and couples counselling.

Jenny Cuerel Photography
Jenny Cuerel Photography

Attachment Theory is my compass. I've delved deep into this transformative understanding and found its power to foster self-love, healing, and stronger relationships. I believe in Authoritative Parenting (holistic, Attachment/Gentle Parenting) that empowers parents. I've embraced this philosophy not just in my practice but in my own life – as a wife, mum of two, and someone who's learned from personal experiences, including the pain of miscarriage.

On top of my counselling services, I'm also a podcast host ("More Than Mothering"), an author ("Tricky People" and "Is Santa Real?"), and a creator of resources designed to guide you through the ups and downs of parenthood. The Gentle Counsellor is all about easing the daily stresses and helping you uncover the inner growth needed for real change. It's about nurturing your child's well-being while also taking care of yourself.

Join me on Instagram @thegentlecounsellor, where we can connect and share the joys and challenges of this beautiful journey. And don't forget to tune into the More Than Mothering Podcast for insightful discussions and practical tips.

Let's embark on this journey together, supporting one another and embracing the transformative power of intuitive parenting and self-discovery.

Warmly, Crystal