Inner Child Healing, Parenting and Breaking Cycles, Good Enough Parenting, Relationship Support, Mother-Daughter Dynamics, Empowering Women After Trauma, Self-Compassion & Attachment-Informed Counselling.

Hey there, I'm Crystal – a mum, counsellor, and passionate advocate for authoritative parenting.

As a Registered Counsellor in Australia with a background in Child Development, Education, and Psychology, I specialise in Perinatal Mental Health, Trauma, Attachment Styles, and Parenting Support.

I'm passionate about Attachment Theory, and how it can pave the way for self-love, healing, and healthier relationships. From individual counselling to working with couples, I'm here to help you navigate life's challenges and find the balance you need.

Let's embark on this journey together, focusing on your mental wellbeing.

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How Can I Help You?

Discover Healing Through Attachment:

  • Are you exploring your own attachment style and seeking guidance to foster healthier relationships?
  • Are you on a journey of healing childhood trauma and seeking support to navigate this process?
  • Do you need assistance in understanding and implementing gentle, conscious, and respectful parenting strategies?

Attachment-Informed Counseling:

  • Are you ready for a transformative journey, moving from insecure attachment to earning a secure attachment as an adult?
  • Would you like support in fostering healthy connections and breaking generational cycles?

Inner Child Healing:

  • Are you looking to uncover and heal the wounds of your inner child?
  • Do you need assistance addressing childhood trauma and nurturing your inner child with compassion?

Parenting and Breaking Cycles:

  • Are you striving to be a cycle breaker, embracing a parenting style that promotes connection without trauma?
  • Do you want to learn the principles of gentle parenting and authoritative parenting to build strong, nurturing relationships with your children?

Relationship Support:

  • Are you navigating difficulties in your relationships and seeking expert guidance?
  • Do you want to improve communication, build empathy, and rediscover the joy of connection with your partner?

Mother-Daughter Dynamics:

  • Are you struggling with a difficult relationship with your mother and seeking a safe space for healing?
  • Do you need support in dealing with a narcissistic mother or healing from a mother wound?

Empowerment After Trauma Recovery:

  • Have you experienced the impact of abusive relationships and are now ready to reclaim your inner strength?
  • Are you looking for a trauma-informed approach that empowers you to rebuild your life with resilience and confidence?

Positive Changes and Goals:

Through my counselling services, clients often experience:

  • Greater self-awareness: Uncover the root of challenges and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Improved relationships: Foster healthier connections with loved ones through enhanced communication and empathy.
  • Emotional resilience: Build inner strength and resilience, empowering you to navigate life's challenges.
  • Empowered parenting: Learn effective, nurturing parenting styles that break generational cycles.
  • Healing from trauma: Reclaim your strength and confidence after experiencing abusive relationships.
  • Reconnection with self: Rediscover joy and fulfillment through a journey of self-compassion and inner healing.
  • Empowerment and confidence: Feel empowered to take charge of your life, making choices aligned with your well-being.

How Can You Know If I Am the Right Therapist for You?

Choosing the right therapist is a deeply personal decision. Not every Therapist is the right fit, and that is ok! It is important that you find the right one for you. Here are some considerations to help you determine if I am the right fit for your counselling journey:

You may resonate with my approach if:

  1. You value a holistic perspective: I believe in addressing mental health from a holistic standpoint, considering the interconnectedness of mind, body, and emotions.
  2. Attachment-focused philosophy aligns with your goals: If you are drawn to the transformative potential of Attachment Theory and seek to apply it in your personal growth, relationships, or parenting.
  3. You are ready for an interactive and collaborative therapeutic experience: I view therapy as a collaborative process, and your active participation is valued. Together, we can explore, reflect, and implement positive changes.
  4. A trauma-informed approach resonates with you: If you've experienced trauma and appreciate an approach that recognises the impact of past experiences while empowering you to move forward with resilience.
  5. You are seeking a safe space for exploration and healing: My counselling services prioritise creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore challenges, heal, and work towards positive change.
  6. You seek to explore societal influences: My counselling philosophy extends beyond individual empowerment to include a recognition of the importance of societal change and advocacy for a more just and equitable world. You value considering broader societal factors, such as the impact of cultural expectations, gender roles, and systemic inequalities, on personal experiences. I recognise and address how societal structures, including patriarchy and capitalism, influence mental health, relationships, and family dynamics.

Please check out my website and social media platforms for more information and feel free to email me with any questions.

You want to find a way to parent better, whilst meeting your own needs too.

Client Love

"I’m already seeing the difference in the way I parent – I’m just calmer and have become more present in each moment. Please know that you made a difference to my world. It’s been a turning point for me" – Sarah

"Thank you for talking about this! 4 years ago I felt so ashamed because I thought something might be wrong with me because I wasn’t enjoying motherhood – I am so thankful this resource is now available" – Tania

"You sure know how to change a girl’s life! Over the past week I broke down crying in a big mess just not knowing who I was or what was wrong to now being able to articulate things. I have strength and understand myself more than a week ago. I’m listening to me" – Christine