Guiding Parents with Love and Emotional Intelligence

“The Circle of Security is circling the globe as an intervention to help parents raise their children with love, warmth and emotional intelligence.” - Dr. Dan Siegel, Neuropsychiatrist and co-author of ‘The Whole Brain Child’.

Welcome to Circle of Security Parenting, a transformative program designed to nurture stronger connections between parents and children. Backed by over 60 years of research and endorsed by experts worldwide, this program empowers parents to provide love, warmth, and emotional intelligence in their parenting journey.

Why Choose Circle of Security?

  • Trauma-Informed Approach: The program is rooted in a deep understanding of attachment theory and is crafted to facilitate healing and growth.
  • Enhanced Parent-Child Relationship: From the very first session, you'll gain insights that boost your confidence as a parent, helping you foster a stronger bond with your child.
  • Click Here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Can Join?

Circle of Security is for all parents and caregivers of children aged 0-8 years old. Whether you're a single parent, a couple, or a caregiver, this program welcomes you with open arms. No judgments, just open discussions about enhancing interactions with your children.

Program Highlights

  • Secure Attachment: Learn to develop a positive and secure relationship with your child that sets the foundation for their emotional wellbeing.
  • Understanding Emotions: Discover how to read your child's needs and understand their emotional world, leading to healthier communication.
  • Emotional Management: Explore strategies to help your child manage their emotions successfully, fostering resilience and growth.
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement: Gain insights into boosting your child's self-esteem, nurturing their confidence and self-worth.

What's Included?

  • Access to real-life examples through video recordings.
  • A comprehensive workbook with engaging activities and visual handouts.
  • Dive into the official COSP Circle model, a proven framework for effective parenting.
  • Certificate of Participation upon completion, delivered conveniently via email or post.

Program Details:

  • Private 1:1 Abbreviated Sessions: Tailored 2-hour sessions, perfect for personalised attention and flexible scheduling.
  • Group Sessions: A minimum of 4 registrations ensures that group sessions proceed as planned. Full attendance guarantees the Certificate of Participation.
  • Online Convenience: Sessions are streamed live via Zoom, ensuring privacy and convenience.
  • Click Here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
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Participant Testimonials:

"I would tell all parents who would have the opportunity to experience this training to take this, embrace this, practice it, live by it, and not only your children will benefit but you will come away feeling empowered as a parent." - Circle of Security Parenting Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Confidentiality is a requirement of all participants. You agree to this upon joining. Stories that are shared are not to be told outside the sessions. Please consider if private 1:1 is a more suitable option for you. Ensure your environment, internet and technology are adequate for privacy, visual, sound, and microphone capabilities.
The content is exactly the same, the difference is the option for time. Circle of Security includes 8 Chapters and officially recommends this run as an 8-week program. I offer sessions with two chapters at a time making it 4 weeks, and I have to use the word 'abbreviated'.
No. The Circle of Security Parenting program is designed to be facilitated in a group and discussion setting.
Yes. This is available upon request and must be paid in full before the first session
Maybe. I have had clients use their NDIS funding for group and private 1:1 sessions. Please check if this service is part of your current plan to be able to claim for it, and if it is not in your plan then you may ask if you can add this at your next review. Please seek confirmation first.
The event page and terms and conditions you agree to during the registration process state that there are no refunds for this particular event. These policies are in place to ensure the smooth and seamless planning and execution of the event for all participants involved.
Yes. I do not charge additional for partners, so you just need the one registration and both your names will be included on the one certificate.
No. Sessions are not recorded due to the nature of privacy and confidentiality with participants, the delivery method of the program, and Copyright of the Circle of Security materials. Sessions are streamed live via Zoom. Please ensure your environment, internet and technology are adequate for privacy, visual, sound, and microphone capabilities.
A minimum of 4 registrations is required for group sessions to go ahead. If 4 is not reached your ticket will be refunded or transferred to another session. Please consider if private 1:1 is a more suitable option for you. You may email me to ask, however I do my best to update the event page with a confirmation message.
Full attendance is required to complete the program and receive the Certificate of Participation. If you miss a session then a makeup session will be offered for an additional $160, or the ticket will be transferred to a future session (if available), or you will be given the option to pay the difference for a private 1:1 session. No refunds.
All advertised dates and times are in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, AEST (UTC+10:00). You can check with your timezone using this online converter
Yes. You can review the research here

Upcoming Courses

Private 1:1 abbreviated

  • 2-hour sessions with 4 sessions in total booked at a time that suits you. See below for details on booking in your dates and times.

Once payment is made please click here to view my calendar availability and book your 4 sessions under 'Circle of Security Private 1:1 Booking'. You will do this booking process for 4 sessions.

If you have any questions please email me at

$700 AUD

March 2024 [Online]

*4-weeks abbreviated program* Mondays

4th March 12pm-2pm

11th March 12pm-2pm

18th March 12pm-2pm

25th March 12pm-2pm

$260 AUD

Please note timezone is Brisbane, AEST.

2024 [Online]

1:1 Private Sessions available

More group sessions TBC

The Circle of Security Parenting Program is designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children.

About the Circle of Security™

The founders of Circle of Security International developed the early intervention program after years of clinical experience in family therapy and systems theory. They have dedicated several decades to research, confirming the many ways that children benefit when they are secure, from enhanced school readiness to improved relationships for life.

Circle of SecurityTM helps parents and caregivers improve their own awareness of their children’s needs, giving parents the tools to strengthen parent-child relationships and raise secure children.

Circle of Security Parenting participant testimonial with Crystal @thegentlecounsellor
Circle of Security Parenting participant testimonial with Crystal @thegentlecounsellor
Circle of Security Parenting participant testimonial with Crystal @thegentlecounsellor
Circle of Security Parenting participant testimonial with Crystal @thegentlecounsellor