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This is all for you.

A life-changing membership that will support you through healing trauma and feeling joy in motherhood again. You will find a space to be seen, heard, and loved.

The Gentle Motherhood membership is opening again in 2022!

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We are not meant to Mother alone

This is why I created the Gentle Motherhood membership.

There is no more feeling overwhelmed. I show you that there is a way to meet your child's needs as well as your own.

A space for mothers is important because we go through a huge transformation as we are birthed into this new stage of our lives.

Mothers like you with unresolved trauma and constant motherhood challenges start their inner healing journey in the Gentle Motherhood membership supported every month, so that they become the best mothers they’ve always wanted to be.

This is why I created the Gentle Motherhood membership.

In the depths of motherhood I was looking to heal not only physically but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. I felt so out of touch yet exactly where I was supposed to be. I kept trying to find the right space that would provide this. As a Gentle-Attachment Parent, I quickly realised that all of the focus was on my child - But what about me and my needs?

Imagine a world where mothers are held and cared for just as much as their child. My goal is for the Gentle Motherhood membership to become available to all mothers around the world who are all in different stages of their motherhood journey - pregnancy, trying to conceive, newborn, toddler, teenager, and even adult.

Picture her. The future you.
The best version of you living her life knowing all of this was the best decision you’ve ever made to take care of yourself - prioritise yourself.

What's Included:

  • New Unit Topic every month. Parenting, attachment, self-growth, boundaries, self-love, inner healing, and so much more!
  • Monthly Masterclass. This includes video and workbook materials.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call. Ask questions and share YOUR reflections on motherhood, relationships, and self.
  • The Gentle Motherhood private Facebook community. Connect with like-minded mamas.
  • Weekly Check-in. Accountability, prompts, and reflective discussions.
  • Access to all previous month’s content. The material is all there ready for you to do at your own pace.
  • Private Member’s Portal. Simple to use and keeps track of your progress.
  • Cancel anytime. No lock-in contracts.
  • Special Guest Speakers. Sharing wisdom from their areas of expertise.
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No, this is a membership. A course has a set number of lessons but in the Gentle Motherhood membership a new unit is added every month so the content keeps on growing.
No, if you feel like this is something you could benefit from please message me.
Yes, there are no lock in contracts.
There is a member's login here on the website to access all of the content. You get immediate access on enrolment.
That's ok! There is plenty of content to go through and it will just keep growing. This is self-paced so you can pick and choose what interests you. You'll still benefit from the monthly coaching calls and other materials.
Yes! We would love to welcome you back and support you on your inner healing journey. The only downside is that you miss out on the previous pricing. The membership pricing increases because of the new content being added.
Yes! This space is designed to provide evidence-based support.
I understand how tricky it can be to make finances work. This is why there are multiple levels of membership available from as low as $30. I also share a lot of free information on my social media accounts and podcast.
The beauty of the membership is there is only one unit and one coaching call each month. Everything is recorded so you can access it when it suits you. You'll need to dedicate approximately 2 hours for these. Investing this time in yourself is well worth it for your own wellbeing.
This membership is for an individual's healing process and per terms and conditions and copyright laws my content is not to be shared outside of this membership. I am offering a course for professionals in 2022 using my trademarked Gentle Motherhood Framework. Stay tuned!