Gentle Motherhood™ is now offered as individual Courses (previously a membership format). Click here to enrol.

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This is all for you.

A life-changing course that will support you in your inner healing and parenting journeys. You will find a space to be seen, heard, and loved.

Discover what it is like to find a way forward and do more things that bring you joy.

Give yourself the time and space to learn about yourself in motherhood.

"I joined Gentle Motherhood because I want to give my them a childhood they don't have to recover from, so I need to work on myself first." - Gentle Motherhood Member, 2020

"I joined Gentle Motherhood because I want to find me again and learn how to cope with my triggers and be calm and happy" - Gentle Motherhood Member, 2021


We are not meant to Mother alone

This is why I created Gentle Motherhood

There is no more feeling overwhelmed. I show you that there is a way to meet your child's needs as well as your own.

A space for mothers is important because we all know you truly don’t understand what it is like until you become one.

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mothers who have healed their wounds and now set their children up for better mental health and wellbeing from leading by example.

feeling like a whole person instead of being torn in different directions.

feeling safe, heard and loved.

Mothers like you with unresolved trauma and constant motherhood challenges start their inner healing journey in the Gentle Motherhood membership supported every month, so that they become the best mothers they’ve always wanted to be.

In the depths of motherhood I was looking to heal not only physically but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. I felt so out of touch yet exactly where I was supposed to be. I kept trying to find the right space that would provide this. As a Gentle-Attachment Parent, I quickly realised that all of the focus was on my child - But what about me and my needs?

Imagine a world where mothers are held and cared for just as much as their child. My goal is for the Gentle Motherhood membership to become available to all mothers around the world who are all in different stages of their motherhood journey - pregnancy, trying to conceive, newborn, toddler, teenager, and even adult.

Picture her. The future you.
The best version of you living her life knowing all of this was the best decision you’ve ever made to take care of yourself - prioritise yourself.

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What's Included:

  • Unit Topics. Parenting, attachment, self-growth, boundaries, self-love, inner healing, and so much more!
  • Masterclass. This includes video and workbook materials.
  • Access to all content. The material is all there ready for you to do at your own pace.
  • Private Member’s Portal. Simple to use and keeps track of your progress.
  • Special Guest Speakers. Sharing wisdom from their areas of expertise.
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You're closer to feeling supported and cared for every day.

Each month of the membership is dedicated to a particular area that we can learn and grow from. There's time to reflect, implement what you learn, and ask questions or be cheered on in our private group and monthly group coaching calls. If you don't find the time (because life happens) that's ok! You have lifetime access to these units for as long as you are a member.


Get clear on your values and align them with your purpose and passion.


Explore your inner child wounds and learn how to reconnect with yourself.


Learn how to love yourself, forgive past mistakes, acknowledge your worth.


Discover how to find time to care for yourself and meet your needs realistically and often.


Learn to define, set, and maintain boundaries.


Learn how to develop a Secure Attachment.


Learn to resolve anger and find peace of mind for yourself.


Learn how to support your child and yourself through challenging behaviours.

Bonus Masterclasses

angel phoenix doula angela gallo

Angel Phoenix is an author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur who is a vivacious spirit thriving in the doula and energetic space. She supports women to connect to their creative power residing within them.

Erin & Stephen Mitchell are mental health professionals who are passionate about couples having access to experience the sense of healing, belonging, and love that comes with an intimate couple relationship.

create your couples story erin and stephen
carlie maree soul modes

Carlie Maree is the author of Soul Modes, a declaration of the hidden magic that resides inside all women which she describes as not being one ordinary woman, but four extraordinary ones.

Dr Robyn Miller is an Australian medical doctor and mental load expert. She teaches women and their partners to recognise and re-balance the invisible labour of running a household, and how to share it.

dr robyn miller the mental load project