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Join me for an hour of friendly conversation with a gentleness that is focused on creating space for us all to be seen, heard, and held in the safety of like-minded mothers and parents.

During this time we will go through a guided meditation, talk, listen, get in tune with ourselves, be vulnerable, share, vent, and release. This is a free community event hosted by Crystal from The Gentle Counsellor.

This group is offered quarterly and will alternate between Mothers' Group and Parents' Group. The reason for this is that some attendees prefer a mothers only space. As I specialise in maternal mental health, my clients and social media following are mostly mothers. However, I understand the importance of inclusive spaces for all parents and caregivers too. If you are partnered, this allows time for you both to attend.

Here are some tips to create a welcoming space. You may like to sit or lay down, use blankets or pillows to make yourself comfortable, light a candle and dim the lights, diffuse some essential oils, and display crystals or flowers. You will need a pen and journal. Additional items that may be needed are tissues and drinking water.

By joining this event you agree to confidentiality within the group.

Upcoming Groups 2022

Mothers' Group
June 29th
8pm Brisbane, AEST
*Please check with your time zone
Parents' Group
September 27th
10am Brisbane, AEST
*Please check with your time zone


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