‘My Body, My Choice’ by Crystal Hardstaff [eBook]

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“My Body, My Choice: Teaching Kids Consent”

“My Body, My Choice” is a charming and informative children’s book for kids to learn about the importance of consent and respecting boundaries. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand language, young children and toddlers will learn about the power of their own bodies and how to say “no” when someone makes them uncomfortable. Children will learn that they are in control of their own bodies and have the right to make decisions about touch. This book is perfect for parents and caregivers to read with young children to start important conversations about consent and bodily autonomy.

About the Author

Crystal Hardstaff is a Counsellor in Queensland, Australia with a background in Education and Psychology, and a Circle of Security Parenting facilitator. She works primarily within an Attachment Theory and Gentle Parenting framework. The Gentle Counsellor provides online resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of parents and children. For more information visit:

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