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Impact on Relationships and Children

Family, Relationship, Couple, and Youth Counselling.

Every couple experiences arguments and disagreements. However, the frequency and intensity of these may contribute to family and relationship breakdown.

Relationship Problems

Here are some factors that can contribute to challenges in relationships:

  • arguments
  • communication
  • identity shifts
  • infidelity
  • trauma
  • attachment styles
  • lack of appreciation
  • lack of empathy
  • intimacy
  • finances
  • lack of progress
  • children
  • external family
  • lack of support network
  • divorce
  • co-parenting
  • differences in parenting style
  • mental load
  • weaponised incompetence

Child & Youth Mental Health

Children and youth need the adults in their life to be respectful, compassionate and supportive. Children who are vulnerable or experiencing emotional distress can experience long-term health impacts. Giving children the time and space to process in developmentally appropriate ways is important for their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Seeking Support

It's a vulnerable place to be when struggling with your relationship and your child's mental health. Recognising, seeking, and accepting help is an important part of supporting everyone's mental health and wellbeing. Talking with a trusted mental health professional can help promote effective communication and secure attachment. Book a counselling session with Crystal below.