A Parent’s Survival Guide for Christmas

A Parent’s Survival Guide for Christmas

HO! HO! OHhh noo...

Here is a survival guide for parents with 5 tips for the holiday and Christmas season. If you remember last year with not-so-fond memories, perhaps with a lot of screaming and crying (from both you AND the kids) then check out these tips for a more peaceful and calm holiday season this year.

1. Write a list to reduce your mental load

This can also help with the planning and execution process so others are aware of what needs to happen. Together you can organise and delegate.

2. Plan for extra time to lessen travel stress

You want to be calm and focused. Give yourself plenty of time so no one is feeling rushed. Stay safe!

3. Discuss healthy boundaries to put in place

Are you feeling anxious about seeing certain family members? Healthy boundaries are important for your wellbeing and for establishing healthy relationships.

4. Have an escape plan for if your child is feeling overwhelmed

There is a lot of hustle and bustle with Christmas Day. There’s no typical routine and it can feel unpredictable. Come up with a ‘safe word’ or plan to leave by a certain time.

5. Make some time for yourself

Self-Care looks like giving yourself 5-10 minutes. Do some deep breathing or a guided meditation. Focus on what’s most important during this holiday season and practice gratitude.

I hope you all have a wonderful, joyful, and safe Holiday Season!

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