Books to read when welcoming a new baby

This is the first version of this list. I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

I have personally read these books (and many more!) but these are my favourites.

There’s options to read to your child, read for yourself, for behaviour, and for sleep.

You can purchase these books via the links below. Please note these are Amazon associate links which means if you do purchase I get a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support xx

Here are some popular choices which I personally used and loved:

“My New Baby” by Rachel Fuller

my new baby rachel fuller

“What Baby Needs” by William Sears, Martha Sears, and Christie Watts Kelly

what baby needs william sears

“What Does Baby Want?” by Tupera Tupera

what does baby want

“You’re A Big Sister” by David Bedford

youre a big sister

“You’re A Big Brother” by David Bedford

youre a big brother

The Baby Book by Sears Family

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