The Circle of Security Parenting Program: Insights from Facilitators

The Circle of Security Parenting Program: Insights from Facilitators. Crystal Hardstaff, The Gentle Counsellor

The Circle of Security Parenting Program: Insights from Facilitators

Benefits of completing Circle of Security.

Discover the insights and favourite lessons from Circle of Security Parenting (COS) facilitators. Learn how this transformative program fosters secure attachments and empowers parents. Explore the benefits of completing COS and gain valuable knowledge for nurturing your child's development.

The Circle of Security Parenting program (COS) is a transformative program that helps parents and caregivers develop a secure attachment with their children. In this blog post, we have gathered insights and experiences from various COS facilitators who have witnessed the positive impact of the program on parents and caregivers. Join us as we explore their favourite lessons and takeaways from running the Circle of Security Parenting program.

Crystal Hardstaff: The Power of Love and Attachment

Crystal, a Circle of Security Parenting facilitator and registered Counsellor from Australia, has witnessed firsthand the profound love parents have for their children throughout the COS program. She highlights the importance of forming a secure attachment and the immense value parents gain from the program:

"My favourite part of running COS is hearing parents share their stories of Delight about their child. It is so clear to me how much love they have for their child throughout the program and their desire to form a secure attachment. By the end of the sessions, I always hear feedback about how much they got from the lessons and enjoyed having a safe space to share their stories, concerns, questions, and gain confidence and clarity in following their instincts."

To learn more about Crystal and her work, visit The Gentle Counsellor or connect with her on Instagram @thegentlecounsellor.

Jessica Grant: Creating a Common Language for Attachment

Jessica highlights the significance of the Circle of Security Parenting program in providing a common language and map to discuss complex attachment concepts. She emphasises the impact of COS on participants and their experience of feeling held, mirroring the support parents should offer their children:

"I love that COS gives us a common language and map to discuss complex attachment concepts in easy-to-understand terms. I love that learning about COS offers participants an experience of being held, thus modeling what we hope parents and caregivers will offer to children. My favourite COS quote is probably "blame is a dead end street" because it reminds us all that no one is perfect, and if we collapse in to blame there's not really anywhere to go from there."

Jessica's extensive experience in parenting and counselling can be explored through her practice, Jessica Grant Counselling.

Narelle Dickinson: The Essentials of Security

Narelle, the Director of Parenting Success and a Clinical Psychologist, emphasises the importance of the key lesson from COS. She highlights the significance of these principles in creating secure relationships with children:

"Everything I need to know about security. Always be bigger, stronger, wiser, and kind. Whenever possible follow my child's need. Whenever necessary, take charge."

To learn more about Narelle and Parenting Success, visit Parenting Success or connect on Instagram @parentingsuccess_brisbane and Facebook.

Erryn James: Embracing Imperfection for Security

Erryn, a COS facilitator and founder of Nurtured Mothers Wellbeing, highlights the program's focus on encouraging parents and caregivers to be "good enough" and authentic in their parenting. She emphasises that COS normalises ruptures and provides tools for repair while promoting security and safety in relationships:

"My favorite element of the COS program is encouraging parents and caregivers to be 'good enough' and authentic in their parenting. It normalises that ruptures are inevitable and helps parents with a way to repair. COS has a way of embracing and accepting imperfections while presenting a path to security and safety in relationships with their children."

To explore Erryn's work and learn more about Nurtured Mothers Wellbeing, visit or find her on Instagram @nurtured.mothers.wellbeing.

Jessica Green: Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships

As a COS facilitator based in Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Jessica Green has witnessed the positive transformation of parents' relationships with their children through the program. By actively participating in the COS sessions, parents see improvements in their connections with their little ones. Jessica's virtual group sessions via Zoom provide a convenient platform for parents to engage in this impactful journey.

I love seeing parents relationship with their child improve by being with them!

To join Jessica's COS group or learn more about her work, visit or

Mariana Castaman: Tuning into Relationships

Mariana Castaman, a Registered COSP Facilitator and Parent Educator, emphasises how completing the Circle of Security Parenting program equips parents with the tools they need to build and maintain a meaningful relationship with their children. In a world filled with overwhelming information, the program provides a clear map to developing respectful relationships while encouraging parents to let go of perfection.

Completing COSP gives parents the tools they need to put aside the overwhelming amount of information out there and tune into the relationship their building with their children now, and for many years to come. The program offers a clear map to respectful relationships while also encouraging us to let go of perfection.

To learn more about Mariana and her work, visit her website or connect with her on Instagram @marianacastaman.

Tiffany Ross: Shifting Mindset and Building Relationships

Tiffany Ross, from Simplifying Childhood, highlights the transformative nature of the Circle of Security Parenting program as a framework for viewing a child's behaviour through the lens of connection. One of Tiffany's favorite lessons and significant takeaways from the program is the power of context. She emphasises that there are no hard and fast rules that apply to every family, and the program provides a scaffold for parents to adapt and change their responses according to each unique situation and the needs of their children.

"The Circle of Security Parenting program invites parents to shift their mindset and view their child and their behaviour through the lens of connection. It's a powerful process that moves away from traditional behaviour management and emphasises relationship building, connection seeking, and understanding behaviour as a communication tool. Throughout the program, parents share and observe, fostering connections with other parents on the same journey and facilitating transformative changes within the family unit."

To learn more about Tiffany and Simplifying Childhood, visit her Instagram @simplifyingchildhood or her website


The Circle of Security Parenting program offers invaluable insights and guidance to parents and caregivers, promoting secure attachments and nurturing healthy relationships with their children. Through the experiences shared by these facilitators, we've explored the love, growth, and transformation that participants have encountered during their COS journeys. Completing the Circle of Security program empowers parents, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster secure attachments, embrace imperfections, and strengthen the bonds with their children. Participants also gain further insights into the program's impact on shifting mindset, building relationships, and adapting responses to suit each family's unique circumstances.

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